VIDEO: “New” School Andre Verses (Part 2)

After the first post of Andre 3000’s Best New-Style verses, we bring you part 2, courtesy of user bracin3000, who suggested some amazing tracks that we missed. More Dre Flows Below.

Lloyd – “Want You Remix (Ft. Andre 3000 and Nas)”

“I said what time you get off? She said when you get me off…”

Rich Boy – “Throw Some D’s Remix (Ft. Andre 3000, Lil John, The Game, Jim Jones, Murphy Lee, Nelly)”

“Ya partna got away but now he vegetable-like/ So I sent his mom and dad a whole case of V8/ He could die any second how much longer it gon’ take…”

DJ Drama – “The Art Of Storytellin, Pt. 4 (Ft. Outkast)”

“I started off starvin/ Now they got me out here Brett Favre-in’”

Jay Z – “30 Something (Ft. Ice Cube and Andre 3000)”

“They get enveloped by the vision teller/ The television tells them their vision/ So now its hard for them to make decisions…”