THROWBACK: Andre 3000 + Squarepusher.

Back in 2006, BBC2 did an interview with Dre where he expressed his love for the music of Squarepusher, a UK-based electronic producer/genius. In the piece, Andre asks for the BBC to find Squarepusher to see if the two could collaborate.

The BBC, being responsible journalists, does just that in this video.

After the piece aired, the story stayed pretty quiet for awhile, until this article late last year, where Squarepusher himself stated that he and dre were “Edging toward a plan” to make something “fucking astonishingly good”.

What do ya’ll think about this collaboration? Dre is definitely not afraid of new genres, and he’s clearly OK with cracked-out electronic music, evidenced by his “Favorite Things” on The Love Below.