The Live Review – Big Boi at Pitchfork Music Festival [WITH VIDEO]

Big thanks to our operative, who shot video from the pit with his flip cam

July 18, 2010, Union Park, Chicago. The Pitchfork Music Festival. The sun had been beating down all day, and everything stunk. People were laid out in the grass, asleep next to piles of empty beer cups, wiped out after a whole weekend of beers, ironic eyewear, sun, and (mostly deserved) hype.

Across the park, Major Lazer paraded their (awesome) freak show all over the prod and all over each other in the blaring sun. Just as their hyperactive set closed, the sun dipped behind the trees, and instantly the vibe cooled down. Plumes of smoke popped into the air, beers were finished hastily, and as the sun went down, the hands went up, and Big Boi stormed the prod.

Backed by DJ Cutmaster Swiff, bass, guitar, and a horn section, Big ripped through an opening medley of all of his best Outkast verses. “ATLiens”, “So Fresh So Clean”, “B.O.B.”, “Rosa Parks”, “Ms. Jackson”, “Skew it on The Bar-B” and more all blended into each other, making it clear the Big was not afraid to give the people what they wanted, clearing the way for his new stuff by blasting all of his greatest hits (and DAMN there were a lot of them) before breaking into all the best from Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.


“The Way You Move”

New tracks “Daddy Fat Sax”, “Fo Yo Sorrows”, “Follow Us” (Complete with a Vonegutt appearance), “General Patton” (which sounded like the APOCALYPSE), “Shine Blockas” and “Shutterbugg” all KILLED, with half the crowd singing along…which he seemed genuinely happy about…his fans had already memorized every word to his solo stuff, the same way they did every Outkast song, and every song he ever will do.


“Follow Us”

The show never stopped for a second, not even when Black Owned C-Bone did two trunk rattling tracks of his own while Big did the greatest backup dance ever.

The show closed with “You Ain’t No DJ”, and after a big and humble “thank you”, Sir Lucious left the prod with his best foot forward, leaving everyone wanting more. In a short one-hour set, he reminded the world why he (and Outkast) is one of the greatest of all time, and more importantly, that his new music stands up just as well (if not better) than some of his older verses. Or, as he says in “Follow Us”: “I used to be the shit/Now I’m just Big, ya dig?”.