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THROWBACK: Young Andre 3000 Freestyling in a High School Gym

This is crazy. Just found this footage from something called The 411 Knowledge & Entertainment Show, hosted by radio personality Carol Blackmon.

Shot in 1994 at S.W Dekalb High School in Atlanta, this video features a young Dre freestyling over an offscreen beatbox, and its amazing. A little slice of time back at the beginning of this whole epic journey. Think of the steps these kids took after this moment…ATLiens, Aquemini, “B.O.B.”, “Hey Ya”, “Sir Lucious Left Foot”, and it STILL hasn’t stopped…

Big Boi News Roundup – Jordan’s Label, “The Crown Life”, Etc.

Whats up with Big Boi? Lots. Lets re-cap.

First, Crown Royal Black is putting together a documentary short about the man called “The Crown Life” and it looks like a great look into the backprod persona of Big Boi and his crew. Check out the trailer below.

Second, for his daughter Jordan’s Sweet 16 he gave her a record label. The label will be called “Purple Kidz” and their first signing is Gabbie Rae, a 12-year old singing prodigy who appeared on the Tyra Banks Show. Check Billboard for the full story.

Big Boi Explains the Modest Mouse Collaboration

In a recent interview with MTV, Big Boi explained the nature of that Modest Mouse collaboration we mentioned below. Here is his explanation, sounds like a great way to make a record. Get the rest of the story at Stereogum.

[Modest Mouse frontman] Isaac [Brock] and I were talking about our lives, different backgrounds, how he grew up, talking about music, different songs. He gave me backstories on different songs they did, like ‘Wild Pack of Family Dogs,’ gave me stories on that. It was a real chill atmosphere, so it was basically just kicking it around the studio, just chopping it up. We was in here doing 14-hour days. …It was all day long. We’d jam, we’d talk, we’d jam some more. It was a real cool experience.

Buy “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” for Half Off Today

outkast southernplayalisticadillacmuzik album cover

On this day, back in 1994, Outkast’s debut album, Southernplayalisitcadillacmuzik came out. To celebrate, we’re cutting the price of the album in half until tomorrow night.

To get the discount, just visit the Official Outkast Online Store and enter the promo code ‘SOUTHERN50‘ at checkout.

This is the album that started this whole movement. Go buy another copy for yourself (cuz you know your copy is CHEWED UP by now) or better yet, buy a copy and use it to deputize a new fan. Give it to your kids, your grandkids, your grandma, your co-workers, your momma, your dad, the police, the dude at the corner store, your doctor, your priest, your rabbi. Doesn’t matter. We’re all kings today.

Big Boi Making an Album With Mike Bigga and Pill + More News From SXSW

Big Boi Live at SXSW

At an exclusive SXSW Foursquare event, Big did an interview where among many other things, he announced a group album comprised of him, Mike Bigga (ex-Killer Mike) and Pill, of “Trap Goin’ Ham” fame, (seriously, have you seen the video for that track?) the group doesn’t have a name yet, but the name is secondary to all that talent.

Check out Big Boi’s interview from SXSW right here.

Big Boi In Morgan Spurlock’s “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”

Looks like Big Boi will be making an appearance in Morgan Spurlock’s upcoming documentary “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”. The doc looks to be about product placement in films – and it will be entirely funded by product placement.

Most likely, Morgan will be talking to Big about his partnership with Crown Royal Black, but more importantly, we’ll get to hear him weigh in on the lines between corporate interests and “Art”. Check out the trailer. Daddy Fat Saxxx appears at around 1:55.

Behind The Scenes of the “Be Still” Video + Big Boi @ SXSW

Big Boi and Janelle Monae on the Be Still Video Set

Thanks to the fans and their support, the next video off “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty” will be “Be Still” (ft. Janelle Monae). Straight From The A got the exclusive behind the scenes and not only did they get a bunch of photos, they posted this video as well. Checks it out.

ALSO, if you are going to be at South By Southwest this year, Big Boi will be playing at MOG’s unofficial SXSW party at the Mohawk on Saturday, March 19th. Get there.