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The “DoYaThing” Video is Live

BOOM. It’s here. The video for “DoYaThing”, featuring Andre collecting sweat and hiding WHERE YOU KEEP YOUR FOOD. Watch it now and try not to beat anyone with those mean converse(s).

DOWNLOAD “DoYaThing” Now

Edit: Download “DoYaThing” now on the Converse site.

“DoYaThing”, featuring Andre 3000, Gorillaz and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) is streaming right now over at Listen Before You Buy. Speaking of buying, you can buy it on the Converse site starting tomorrow.

“talkin’ bout ‘uh he don’t rap enough’, well y’all rap a lot, and i’m like, ‘wrap it up’.” Prepare to have your mind blown again and again with this verse. Wow.

BONUS: Check out this interview with James Murphy where he talks about working with Andre, “You know how you think you’re going to meet André and he’s going to be totally cool? He’s actually way cooler.” and he also talks about the 12-minute version of this track, which is basically everyone just jamming together. Sick.

UPDATE: Hear a Preview of Andre’s Track With Gorillaz and James Murphy

Check out this quick behind the scenes video for Dre’s upcoming Converse collaboration with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and Gorillaz called “DoYaThing”.

Nothing really from his verse, but if you look close, you’ll see his part of the video at the :50 second mark. There’s also this amazing illustration. We’re 98% sure that’s Andre on the right rockin the Rorsharch-y joint on his face.

Andre 3000 Converse Song

Via Pitchfork.

New Andre 3000 Verse With Jay-Z, Jeezy and Drake

Dre jumped on a version of Jeezy’s “I Do” with Jay-Z and Drake and…well, it’s great. “If we ever whoop da whoop, I want all that bleep da bleep”. Yup. That’s what he said.

Check out the track right here, especially if you’ve been fiending for more of that “International Players Anthem” flavor.

Get Big Boi Freestyling Over Crystal Castles on Pitchfork’s Selector Mixtape Now

Have you seen Big Boi’s unofficial remix of “Shutterbugg” over a beat by Crystal Castles? He did it on an episode of’s “Selector” series. Watch him do it right here, and if you want the track (which you DO) you can get it now on The Selector Series Mixtape, which also has tracks by Lil B, Killer Mike, Danny Brown, DJ Quik and more.

Click here to get The Selector Mixtape now.

Andre 3000 Verse on The Ke$ha “Get Sleazy” Remix

Ke$ha Get Sleazy 2.0 Remix Cover

Dre hooked up with pop freak Ke$ha for yet another remix of her track “Get Sleazy”, this time with T.I., Wiz, and Lil Wayne. Half his verse is from the perspective of an 8-year old. We’ll give you a second to let that sink in…Dre raps from inside the brain of an 8 year old. That’s some mental acrobatics right there. Genius.

Stream it now on Ke$ha’s site or skip all the re-tweeting and grab it now from iTunes.

Big Boi Recording With Little Dragon

Big Boi and Little Dragon

In case you didn’t catch the tweets, Big was in the studio with dream soundtrackers Little Dragon.

As he says in the video below (NO CAMERAS!), they spent several hours rockin and came out with two tracks for Daddy Fat Saxxx: Soul Funk Crusader, his next album

Yeuh! Between this and Modest Mouse, Big is breaking into some potentially amazing new territory. Any Little Dragon fans out there? Y’all ready for this?

via pitchfork

“Prototype” in the Minus Podcast

Minus Connections

For anyone who partied a little too hard last night, Minus connections just put up this podcast for the morning after.

Why is it on this site? Because “Prototype” shows up 3 songs in and it sounds gorgeous next to Beck, Electric Light Orchestra, Aphex Twin and Brian Eno. We’re not joking with this. Listen.

Outkast’s “Prototype” in the Minus Connections Podcast.
Minus Connections July ’11 – Minus Office Morning After Mix by Minus

THROWBACK: “Da Art of Storytellin” Live in Paris

This one comes from Paris, circa 2000, and though the mics are a little loud in the video, you still get a good sense of what it would be like to check out a lower-key Outkast show PRE “Hey Ya”. And you know you’d kill to have Dre’s pants. He was crushin the No Shirt + Pants + Leather Gauntlets + Perm look back then. Pause.